Our Hours are: Mon 10-3 Tue-Fri 10-6 Sat 9-6 Sun 11-5 Grooming appointments daily starting at 8am!

We have an amazing staff, and our haircutting appointments book up quickly! Please call two weeks ahead to make sure you get the groomer and appointment time you'd like!

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Includes shampoo, conditioner, towels, and aprons. Prices are for wash times of approximately 20 minutes. We request that families with multiple dogs use one tub station. Last self service wash (no dry) taken 15 minutes before closing.

One Size Fits All!
$15 per dog
$5 per 20 min.

Pets 10lbs and Under Are Always $10.

You Wash! Includes: A refreshing self service bath with our quality products!
You Dry! Includes: Use of grooming table, brushes and blow dryer - $5 for 20 Minutes.

BATHING by our spaw specialists by appointment. We Wash options do not include haircuts; for haircuts, see below under Grooming

(Bath and Towel Dry)
(Bath and Blow Dry)
The FurminatorTM
(add De-Shedding)
10lbs and under
$20 & up
$30 & up
$48 & up
11 - 25 lbs.
$25 & up
$35 & up
$48 & up
26 to 70 lbs.
$30 & up
$45 & up
$65 & up
71 to 100 lbs.
$35 & up
$52 & up
$75 & up
Over 100 lbs.
$40 & up
$59 & up
$85 & up

What does "& up" mean? Additional charges may be appropriate based on your dog's coat condition, such as matting, and whether or not additional time or resources are required to complete the requested services.
Wash N' Go Includes: Choice of shampoo, brush out, towel dry, nail trim, and ear cleaning!
Full Service Includes: Choice of shampoo, brush out, blow dry, nail trim, and ear cleaning!
The FurminatorTM Includes: Reduces shedding by 60 - 80% for four to six weeks! A thorough brush out of the dead undercoat, a full service bath and blow-dry using the Furminator solutions, a finishing brush out of any remaining undercoat, a nail trim, and ear cleaning.

PLEASE NOTE: Additional charge for heavy coated breeds, and those that may require extensive drying time or additional staff and resources, such as elderly or extra heavy dogs, or those with physical limitations.

We wash services are appointment based. Please plan to drop off no more than 10 minutes prior to your appointment and pick up at the end of your appointment. We are not licensed as a holding facility. Thanks!

Choose any THREE extras per dog (that are not included with your bathing service) and take 15% off each one! < <
Nail Trim $9-$12 Nail Dremel $12-$18
Tooth Brushing $7 Gland Tune-up $7
Ear Cleaning $3 Paw Pad Clean-Up $10-$15
Sanitary Cut (Full) $7-$15Manageable de-matting TBD
Apply Medicated Shampoo $5 Flea Shampoo $5-$10+
Premium Shampoo $1-$2

Breed Specific / Custom Haircutting by appointment!

Includes bath, blow dry, nail trim, ears cleaned/plucked, glands expressed, paw pads, sani, haircut to specification. Heavy de-matting can be cruel and painful, therefore we do not offer it at That Dirty Dog. Manageable de-matting can be done for $30/hr, provided it does not cause undo stress on your pet.



Extra Small
Huge &/or Specialty

$55 and up
$60 and up
$70 and up
$80 and up
$125 and up

(Ex.  Yorkie/Maltese $55+   Shih Tzu/Westie $60+   Cocker Spaniel/Scottish Terrier $65+   Wheaten Terrier/English Springer Spaniel $70+   Goldendoodle $100+     Standard Poodle  $115+    Newfoundland $150+)

Groom prices are specific to dog breed, coat condition, type of haircut, special handling requirements, etc. Prices can vary even among dogs of the same breed. That Dirty Dog requests that you do your research and speak with your vet before shaving down your double coated breed's coat.

Pre-pay for 3 or more "We Wash" services and save 10%!