Our Story

Dog in bathtub

That Dirty Dog opened in Roswell in 2005, and since then has become known for excellent quality, kindness to animals, cleanliness, safety and great customer service! At That Dirty Dog we LOVE our animals – and YOURS!

Some of the things we like "BEST" about bathing our dogs at home:

  • The initial negotiation with Fido - let us rephrase that - fight - to get into the tub. Trying to hold Fido with one hand, turn on the water, handle the shampoo...
  • The shake - you see it coming, and your turn your head as water and shampoo and conditioner goes flying all over you - and the walls!
  • It's hard on your back, your hands, your knees, not to mention your patience and temper!
  • And, of course, the clean up! Three towels, four wet walls, a messy tub, the bathroom floor, and another load of laundry!

At That Dirty Dog, we offer you a better way to accomplish your mission - a clean dog!  We provide everything you need, within reach - and we clean up the mess!

Our Philosophy

After realizing what a valuable and convenient service could be provided, we thought a little deeper about our philosophy regarding animals, business, and people:

We are passionate about the humane treatment of animals, Our environment is not only about fun, but about safety for the pets and the people who grace our establishment daily.

Our products are safe, all natural, and healthy, and our goal is to provide only the best for the pets in our community.

Our customer service is, paws down, the very best in town. Friendly, fast, efficient, and knowledgeable - if we can't answer your question ourselves, we'll find you an answer!


What's the point of going into business if you can't become an integral part of the community!? We strive to support our local community by:

  • Being a great business partner to other local establishments, helping and supporting them in any way we can.
  • Being an advocate and supporting fundraisers for charities.
  • Donating to community clubs that offer volunteer opportunities to help the community on a variety of fronts.

Our Team

We only hire employees that share our love of animals and our commitment to customer service. We make sure they are well trained and understand the importance of safety, quality, cleanliness and the value of building relationships - every minute of every day!